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Carol Dragon is a New York City based photographer who focuses on portraiture, dance and documentary projects. Her work includes corporate and private commissions. She has done a number of portraits for book covers, publications and websites. Some examples of her published work include:











Her portraits incorporate light, symbolic objects, and a rich use of color, The images have many layers. Her dramatic approach to capturing the essence of her subjects is done with a style that is reminiscent of master painters and yet is very much her own.

“I was so nervous at first,” said a client after a recent portrait shoot with Carol, “but she made everything very calm. Carol has such a wonderful, joyful presence that really fills the room.”



"Carol Dragon approaches each portrait uniquely and specifically designs and styles for the individual client. I have started to engage well-known and famous photographers to take my portrait and that of my family, but I must say Carol Dragon's portrait far superseded the other attempts. She does not have a typical look that just plugs your face into an aesthetic, as in the look of an Avedon or Mappelthorpe portrait. She takes time to get to know what YOU as the client really wants to show the world, what you want to convey about yourself and your environment. Carol is also a master in lighting as well as printing. Her work is at first glance gorgeous and balanced and at second glance impactful and meaningful." -Caryl Englander, Client, Chair, Board of Trustees, International Center of Photography

Carol is one of the featured photographers in the recently released 100 New York Photographers (Schiffer Publishing) by Cynthia Dantzig. She has a BFA and a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Her client list includes CBS, ACLU, Scholastic Publishing, AOL Time Warner and Anson Mills. She is available for commissioned work worldwide.

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